Cookies and Cream – Kanna Beast Protein Powder – 5 Packs

Cookies and Cream – Kanna Beast Protein Powder – 5 Packs


Organic CBD Protein Powder | Natural & Delicious Protein Shake For Athletes

Want Maximum Muscle Gain? Unleash Your Kanna Beast NOW!

If you are looking for a delicious protein powder that will allow you to boost your muscle gain and turbocharge your performance, then the Kanna Beast CBD based organic protein shake is exactly what you need!

Why Choose Our Mouth Watering Protein Shake Powder?

Unlike all those low quality and chalky protein powders for athletes, the Kanna Beast CBD herbal protein powder is smooth and flavorful. You will be able to enjoy the immense health benefits of organic CBD and:

  • Boost Muscle Gain
  • Enhance Your Energy
  • Skyrocket Your Athletic Performance

The Best Part?

Our natural CBD infused protein powder for athletes will help combat joint pain, inflammation and lactic acid build up. What does that mean? You will be able to work out harder and longer without feeling tired or struggling from joint pain. Plus, you can use our delicious hemp based protein powder as a pre or post workout drink!


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