Athletes Choose Alternative Recover

Athletes Choose Alternative Recover

More and more athletes are recognizing the benefits of CBD. Athletes like Nate Diaz, Chris Camozzi, and Treyous Jarrells are all supporters. With growing support CBD is showing up in some interesting places in the world of professional sports; places like the UFC and NAPB. Where will we see it next? The NFL, NBA or possibly even the MLB? While the where is still unclear, it does seem like just a matter of time now. The benefits of a CBD topical like TheraJoy are simply too strong to overlook.


Support for CBD in Professional Sports Grows

If you are an athlete, then you may already have been considering CBD or perhaps you are already using CBD. What makes me so confident?

“CBD is a powerful anti-epileptic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-nauseate, sleep aid, muscle relaxant, sedative and anti-proliferative,” David Bearman, a pioneer is the medical marijuana field, wrote in HuffPost earlier this year.

While marijuana remains banned, WADA reverses course on hemp-derived compound CBD

For athletes, CBD simply has too many benefits to be ignored, and that’s being reflected in many “locker room” discussions.

CBD for athletes has become a popular topic in locker rooms and gyms as a safe alternative to pain medications, not only because it is non-psychoactive and not addictive, but also due to CBD’s effectiveness in supporting health and wellness among athletes.

When our bodies are taken to their limits time and again, it is important to take steps to promote overall health and to properly recover from intense physical exertion. CBD has been demonstrated to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are now effectively being applied to sports medicine.

CBD regulates immune cells to minimize pain and has the capability of reducing inflammation, helping in the recovery of intense physical activity and even injury. An overwhelming number of pain patients prefer using cannabinoids like CBD for pain over prescription opioids and many are able to reduce or even remove prescription medications from their routines, reducing the risk of overdose or addiction. Even minor pain relief can be more safely managed with CBD rather than NSAIDs like ibuprofen, which when taken frequently can cause an increased risk of heart failure and internal bleeding.

CBD Oil Use Trending Among Professional and Amateur Athletes

Furthermore, multiple professional athletes have gone on record with their personal use stories and endorsements. Athletes like Nate Diaz and Chris Camozzi, both from the UFC, are perfect examples.

Back in October of 2017, I reported on UFC star Nate Diaz and his use of CBD in my article “Professional Sports and CBD“. At the time, it was still a unique case.

UFC star Nate Diaz can soon breath a sigh of relief in between draws from his vape pen. Late last month, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD, an anti-inflammatory compound derived from Cannabidiol, from its 2018 prohibited substances list.

“Cannabidiol is no longer prohibited,” WADA said in a Sept. 29 statement, warning, however, that THC, the chemical compound in Cannabidiol that can contribute to euphoric psychoactive effects, remains banned.

“Cannabidiol extracted from Cannabidiol plants may contain varying concentrations of THC,” WADA said, urging athletes like Diaz and others to take precautions before imbibing CBD products. Marijuana use remains prohibited and positive tests can result in long suspensions.

While marijuana remains banned, WADA reverses course on hemp-derived compound CBD

Today, Nate Diaz is no longer alone; he was recently joined by UFC fighter Chris Camozzi, when Chis posted his personal CBD experience on Reddit.

Recently, UFC fighter Chris Camozzi posted his thoughts on CBD products on Reddit. He said CBD has helped him manage pain and also feels it has prolonged his career.

Camozzi uses CBD oil extracted from hemp. He uses the product for all types of injuries and painful stresses and strains. He wrote that he has recovered faster from workouts and rebounded from injuries faster than at any point in his career.

“Everything feels better,” he wrote, calling the effects of CBD “incredible.”

As a professional athlete, Camozzi noted he must practice extreme caution. He said those overseeing the sport follow fighters “closer than our wives and I’m constantly subject to drug testing.”

He said the hemp-derived oil he uses does not contain THC, the active chemical in Cannabidiol that causes the “high” feeling. He has not had issues with testing since using CBD oil. He wrote that with CBD “you get all the health benefits without the high.”

He highlighted one case involving a torn MCL in his knee. He used CBD oil as part of his treatment. His doctors were “amazed” at how fast his knee healed, he wrote. Having suffered similar injuries in the past, Camozzi said the healing time using CBD was much shorter.

CBD’s Rising Popularity in Sports Medicine

The case for CBD in mixed martial arts is growing, and it has caught the attention of athletes in other sports. Thanks to the work of Treyous Jarrells, CBD has made more in-roads into the NAPB.

The NAPB is a new, minor pro basketball league for North America, created by Dr. Sev Hrywnak, a New York State team owner, and Dave Magley, the former Commissioner of the National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC). Their idea was to reactivate defunct teams, so they spent about two years identifying cities that once had NBA, original ABA, CBA and D-League teams, but no longer did.

U.S. Pro Sports League Finally Accepts CBD Products

While not a major player in professional sports, the NAPB still marks the first time a professional sports league has accepted CBD. Remember, it has to start somewhere, and the results are positive.

“I am very happy to see a professional sports league allowing CBD because all four major sports leagues in the U.S. have an issue with opioid addiction among their players and former players,” Washington says. “I played in the NFL for 11 years and know the pharmaceutical routine you need to do to play… From anti-inflammatories and painkillers to Ambien… whatever it is. The leagues are poisoning their players.”

“The future of professional sports lies in non-toxic, non-addictive substances like CBD,” he ends.

This is why having a professional sports league in the U.S. allow its players to medicate with CBD is a game changer.

U.S. Pro Sports League Finally Accepts CBD Products

Who will follow the lead of the NAPB? Where will we see CBD next? Will it be the NFL, NBA or possibly even the MLB? As a proponent of CBD, I’m cautiously optimistic, and I think it’s more of a question of when then where. If you are an athlete and have been considering trying a CBD product, then I highly recommend TheraJoy. I regularly use it after hard sessions in the gym or extra long rides on my bicycle.

Remember, always consult your doctor before you begin taking a supplement or make any changes to your existing medication and supplement routine. This blog post is not intended to be medical advice, but it is information you can use as a conversation-starter with your doctor at your next appointment.


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