CBD for Pets with Allergies

CBD for Pets with Allergies

Similar to humans, dogs can react to the exposure of certain triggers in the environment. With most of the allergies that a dog can encounter, the symptoms are often noticeable.

The presence of dust, pollen, flea bites, mites, etc. can lead to an allergic reaction. These types of allergies are prominent during specific seasons like spring. It can lead to symptoms like itchy skin, legs, arms, stomach, paws, and face.

Allergies can also cause your companion to reverse sneeze. With this condition, the dog rapidly pulls air into the nose, whereas in a regular sneeze, the air is rapidly pushed out through the nose. Treatment for dog allergies include prescribed medications like Apoquel.

Apoquel contains negative side effects that include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, dermal masses, decreased leukocytes, decreased globulins, and increased cholesterol and lipase. Studies show that CBD may help alleviate allergies in pets without the negative side effects of prescribed medications.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant known for its therapeutic effects. CBD has shown to be useful in strengthening the immune system and easing your dog from pain and discomfort. Cannabidiol may also help to stop the immune system from producing allergic effects.

CBD oil may help treat painful allergic skin reactions by reducing inflammation to relieve your dog from discomfort. Studies show that CBD works by decreasing itchiness and healing the skin.

Our AHS 500mg Pet Tincture is Salmon flavored and was formulated with a Veterinarian to help with conditions like allergies and allergic reactions.

Your furry friend can take .5ml in the morning and .5ml in the evening to help reduce allergy attacks.

Always consult your Veterinarian before starting your canine companion on a new regimen.

Our team of specialists are always available to provide you with education and assist you with any questions you may have regarding CBD.

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