CBD Suppository

CBD Suppository

CBD Suppository

As the market for CBD continues to boom, there is an expansion in different delivery methods our body can heal and process CBD. An often forgotten or “overlooked” (maybe because it deals with some private matters) intake are CBD suppositories. There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about CBD intake through some of the places “the sun don’t shine”. I mean, we get it, it is easier to talk about the few drops of CBD you swallow in the morning rather than inserting it in some private orifices. But all awkwardness aside, suppositories are one of the most powerful ways we metabolize this plant-based medicine.

Delivery Method

So first let’s talk about why CBD was created in suppository form. Suppository intake provide high bio-availability. Bio-availability is the level of nutrients that are properly absorbed into your blood. High bio-availability means you are reaping the most nutrients from the CBD, aka the most bang for your buck! The mucous membranes within the rectum and vaginal cavity are highly sensitive and porous. This direct contact allows the CBD to quickly hop onto our body’s transportation and distribution pathway and run course throughout the systems. In contrast, taking CBD sublingually, although still very effective, has to pass through the liver where some of the potency is lost. As consumers, often the first question we ask is “How strong is it” or “How many mg’s of CBD”. Along with these questions, it is important to also choose a delivery method that would be most effective.

Suppositories are the second quickest intake (behind vaping). The average consumer will notice relief within 10-15 minutes, with effects lasting between 6-8 hours. This fast absorption through inter-cellular walls allows it to quickly communicate giving an “analgesic” effect to relieve pain and irritation to nearby organs: ovaries, testicles, stomach, colon, and pancreas.

Who should take it?

As women, our journey through life is gifted with many different processes of nature… one of them being menstrual cycles. A natural and beautiful process of shedding, that sometimes, more often than not, leaves us with painful cramps or uterus and pelvic pains. CBD suppositories inserted vaginally are incredibly healing to those who suffer from menstrual pain, pelvic inflammation, bowel inflammation, postpartum pain, endometriosis, or vaginal dryness. Not limited to specifically women, this insertion also aids in relief of hemorrhoids and bowel inflammation when inserted rectally.

Another common ailment showing positive feedback with CBD suppositories are clients undergoing chemotherapy who have difficulty holding down substances due to extreme nausea. Individuals who have suffered from a stroke, or have diseases such as Parkinson’s, ALS, or MS that may have difficulty with the muscular movement of oral intake are great candidates for this delivery route. End of life or palliative care often find suppository as an effective delivery method. Suppositories can also be ideal for clients who have to undergo surgery and are not permitted to eat before or after an operation takes place.


So How do I do it?

The biggest question, how do I do it? To start, suppository should always be refrigerated, is it important they are firm when inserting. For rectal insertion, it is best to lie down sideways, pull knees up to your chest, and use index finger to slide the pointed end in first. After, to avoid slipping out, clench your buttock muscles for a few seconds. Stay laying down for 2-3 minutes. Note, is it  possible to for mild leakage, so it is best to do before bed or when you will be lying down for extended time. Vaginally insertion works similar to tampon insertion.

For further questions, or concerns our staff is more than happy to help you find the best CBD wellness routine for you!

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