Miller Healer – ​Sport Salve

Miller Healer – ​Sport Salve


(3 customer reviews)

Healthy solution for muscle pain, soreness, cuts and scrapes, bruises, muscle stiffness, back pain, headaches, knee pain, inflammation.

3 reviews for Miller Healer – ​Sport Salve

  1. wertley

    I have brought home A LOT of products to try to manage pain over the last 7 years that my husband has been disabled from a back injury and the last three years that my son has been disabled from Chiari Malformation and surgery complications. This is the FIRST product that they both ASK FOR. Normally, they roll their eyes at me when I offer natural solutions. The have found relief from this sport salve for their severe back, neck and head pain. Thanks so much Lorraine and Matt!

  2. Blades

    Thanks so much Lorraine and Matt!

  3. Vayn

    Happy with the usage.

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