CBD and Terpenes

CBD and Terpenes


With the cannabis industry suddenly making headlines as an alternative form of healing, a pretty important word is being associated with it all: terpenes.

Terpenes can be referred to as the “essential oils of plants”.  When Cannabinoid (CBD) is combined with terpenes they work synergistically to amplify therapeutic benefits of plant medicine. With modern science and technology pushing the discovery of terpenes and their benefits, the cannabis industry now has flexibility to cater plant-based healing to specific conditions and ailments.


What are terpenes?

On a cannabis plant, there is a shiny, crystallized goo the covers the plant. This is where we derive terpenes from. This glossy terpene coat acts as a defense mechanism for plants. Their aromatic traits work as a natural repellent for the plant, protecting them from hungry critters and animals eyeing their luscious greens. Terpenes are an incredible product of nature as they protect their leafy home space, but can also can provide strong medicinal properties to humans (and dogs for that matter!). It’s safe to say we are aware that certain aromas can cause a physiological reaction , such the zesty smell of lemon may heighten alertness and energy, or a whiff of lavender can bring ease and relaxation. Well, you guessed it, that is terpenes hard at work!

What can they do for humans?

This product of nature has been used for thousands of years in cultures as a form of alternative healing. Although there are over 200 terpenes in the cannabis plant, right now there are a handful dominating the market for their therapeutic benefits.  Myrcene, linalool, pinene, caryophyllene, and limonene, all providing different aromas, effects, and medicinal benefits and can be found in select CBD products as proprietary blends.


Why should I care?

Terpenes play a key role in reaping the best benefits from Cannabinoid medicine. Cannabinoid-terpene interactions have the power to amplify cannabinoid effects, mitigate THC induced anxiety, and differentiate the medicinal effects of your hemp strain. Some terpenes will promote stress-relief and relaxation, whereas others will heighten focus and alertness. That is what gives the industry the ability to provide consumers with varying CBD products from gummies that provide stress-relief, to drinks that encourage focus. Like a well-crafted cocktail, plant medicine has many complexities and ingredients that are



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