How to take CBD

How to take CBD

“How do I take my CBD oil?”

A common question we often get asked is…

The entire process of taking CBD for your health should feel good. You are choosing to take action to improve your wellness in your life. Cannabinoid (CBD) consumption works to create homeostasis (equilibrium) in your body.

We recommend what we call Sublingual consumption. We recommend sublingual because this will allow the CBD oil to be absorbed into your mucous membranes rather than processing through your body’s digestive tract. This will allow higher efficacy and potency of the health benefits CBD provides.

When taking CBD we always recommend starting with a smaller dose and slowly adjusting your dosage to find a sweet spot. Everyone’s body is different, it is our job at A Healthy Solution Wellness, to help you find the amount that works best with you. So here’s what you do:

  • Shake the bottle well.
  • Use dropper/syringe to drop under tongue and hold for a few seconds. The more it tastes like the earth the more natural it is!
  • Use these few seconds to let the CBD adsorb under your tongue. Take this time to slow down for just a moment. Often our mental state and emotions are one of the most influential factors of our health. By taking CBD, you have taken a step to improve your overall wellness. So manifest it! Disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle and focus on the health benefits you hope to reap by incorporating CBD into your daily diet.
  • Repeat as needed. We typically recommend a dose in the morning, and a larger dose before bed. It is best if consumed on 12 hour increments.
  • Smile and feel alive 🙂

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